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Episode 36 - Godparents Demystified

You are new to the Orisa Traditions... or have been around.  You just want to know HOW to get your hands on a Godparent for you.  What does it take?  What is the process?  You just need to know SOMETHING that will help you to finally get your Godparent so that you can move on in the Orisa Traditions.  Well... guess what.... Here is a super candid conversation with Iya Eñi Acho in the Lukumi Traditions that goes very deep into that.  We are going to Demystify this process for you.  

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Episode 35 - Ask A Priest - Why Is It So Hard To Find A Godparent?

Thank you for listening to the Orisha Wisdom Podcast!  On this Ask A Priest series of the podcast we are going to begin to tackle the question that burns MANY when they come into our community.  "Why is it so hard to find a Godparent?"  Every day we get this question in one form or another... and it's tough for all those going through this part of the process.  

We hope that you find this episode very helpful because it can begin to give you the insight into the 'why' you might not be able to get your hands on the coveted gold (Godparent).  

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Episode 34 - Top 10 Reflections of 2019 and Lessons Learned

It is a GOOD thing to reflect on a past year IF we are going to grab lessons that were given to improve our lives and to become better.  Some lessons hit us HARD... some are gentler, and some are huge 'Ah Ha' moments that can pivot how we think and see the world; therefore changing our lives.  

Since we are all humans, every aspect of us intertwines with others.  Listen in and hear what the last year of our last decade showed me.  Do you do a year review?  What did you learn which you are changing this year?  Share your thoughts... 

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Episode 33 - Sexual Misconduct in the Orisa Community

This is the beginning of those very uncomfortable conversations that must happen.  There are many things that go on in our community that must stop... and how do we stop them?  By being aware... By being careful... By being United.  

Listen in... and let's start these very important conversations! Together... 

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Episode 32 - Ask A Priest - Isese vs. Lukumi (The Choice is YOURS)

Welcome to the section of the Orisha Wisdom Podcast called Ask A Priest - Have you ever had a burning question that you'd like to ask an Orisa Priest? This is the perfect way to get some answers to help you on your journey.

The question for today is "I'm sort of new, and I read a lot.  I want to know which one is better... Lukumi or the Traditional?"

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Episode 31 - Twist and Worship

Listen to this episode to discover how to connect with the energies of Orisha through dance. I'm excited to share this super candid conversation with Iya Ife Michelle how you can start and why.

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Episode 30 - 30 Things I’ve Learned

The Orisa Traditions road can be quite a ride.  There are so many things to learn and many of these lessons are still quite hard to learn unless one walks through it.  This guide of 30 things will hopefully help you on your journey!  Maferefun Orisha!  Maferefun Ifa!  May the wisdom of Ifa always be with you. 

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Episode 29 - Divine Justice

Have you ever had someone wrong you? We know about the BIG major wrongs... but what about those annoying ones... those kinds that inconvenience us....????  Need justice or instant karma? Listen here on how our traditions can help with Divine Justice.

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Episode 28 - Ask A Priest - Read Me Please

After reading so many books, and going to the internet and scouring YouTube... You are finally ready for a real reading... What now?  What should you expect?  Don't worry... someone else asked this question, and now you have some real answers.  For show notes -

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Episode 27 - Abundance and the Rise of our Community

I'm sooooo excited about this episode.  We have the very FIRST guest on our podcast!  Want to know about Abundance?  What about other Orisa Traditions related topics around self growth and value?  Then this chat with Iya Funlayo Wood Menzies will fit just fine.  This is quite a loaded episode, and I'm grateful that she agreed to speak with us.  Enjoy! 

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